My name is Taylor Good. I am a 3rd grade teacher Manheim Township School District and have been teaching for 8 years. I have taught 5th grade, have degrees in K-6 education, middle school math, M. Ed. in Educational Technology, am a tech integrator for my district, wrote the grant for our elementary STEM programs and coach soccer at the JV level. I love getting involved in the extra curricular activities teaching offers by running talent shows and project fairs, participating in community events and going to the students after school activities. I enjoy teaching all aspects of life not just the curriculum. I have attached the my Autoethnography project from a prior grad class if you would like to learn a little about my past, what shaped me and my beliefs through teaching and forward to the path of administration.

I am pursuing administration and supervision in education for numerous reasons. It is an opportunity to reach more students than just those in my classroom/grade that I don’t get to see regularly. It gives me a platform to share my views on education to make an impact on a larger number of students. I feel my ability to lead and value people can best be utilized in a principal setting. I do not have a ton of experience that would help me become a supervisor of teachers since I have only been in the classroom. With that said, I hold a Masters in Technology in Education, and value the changes that come with technology. In the 21st century, technology can help students and teachers collaborate, be creative, expedite work, and develop outdated 21st century skills and move towards Web 3.0 tools for when they graduate or teach. I feel that strong moral ethics, examples of leadership through sports and experiences, and an outgoing personality are attributes that will help me be successful.

I’ve never blogged before, but follow blogs on platforms such as Facebook and Blogger and threads on Reddit and Twitter. I can see the value in utilizing these tools inside and outside of education. I use these tools for personal entertainment, to gather knowledge in multiple fields for my career and to connect with people who travel. I’m fairly private when it comes to posting things on the Internet to everyone, but have wanted a reason to try blogging out. Here goes nothing :)


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