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Share - Practice What You Preach

Like Laurie Binder (a grad school colleague of mine working on her Blog startup), I saw some excellent Blogs. The more I started to read, research and play around on different sites, the more I felt comfortable with organize my own page. Finally, I've discovered how to embed video and photos to spruce up the posts. Hopefully as you follow me you'll notice continued improvement on the aesthetics, content and resources.
Morality. Ethics. These concepts tend to evolve around opinions more than facts. They are established from personal backgrounds and evolved with life experiences. Dean Shareski’s video on the morality of sharing below is the focus for my discussion as it pertains to education.

Should I Share? Yes. I agree with Dean’s sentiments that as educators it is our moral obligation to share. I believe this because we teach our youth the benefits of sharing at a young age. We ask them to share their toys, share their feelings, share their accomplishments. It is imperative to…

Start - Visionary Leadership

Manheim Township (MT) is on an excellent path towards integrating technology to enhance and change the way teachers instruct their students. This past year MT implemented a 1 to 1 framework and deemed 2017-18 “year 0”. As they rolled the iPads out during the year, the district asked teachers to utilize, create and share ideas to become comfortable using the technology. Teachers are working with Google, Apple, iPads, Apple TVs and projectors to collaborate, create and communicate. As the district heads towards “year 1”, teachers are looking to administration to set the example and tone of the importance of implementing technology into the classroom.

Therefore, principals are just beginning to utilize the ISTE standards for administrators to meet the district’s expectations. I have already begun to notice positive changes in the standard of “Visionary Leadership” from administrators in MT. Leaders are taking the onus upon themselves to develop and implement technology throughout their …


My name is Taylor Good. I am a 3rd grade teacher Manheim Township School District and have been teaching for 8 years. I have taught 5th grade, have degrees in K-6 education, middle school math, M. Ed. in Educational Technology, am a tech integrator for my district, wrote the grant for our elementary STEM programs and coach soccer at the JV level. I love getting involved in the extra curricular activities teaching offers by running talent shows and project fairs, participating in community events and going to the students after school activities. I enjoy teaching all aspects of life not just the curriculum. I have attached the my Autoethnography project from a prior grad class if you would like to learn a little about my past, what shaped me and my beliefs through teaching and forward to the path of administration.

I am pursuing administration and supervision in education for numerous reasons. It is an opportunity to reach more students than just those in my classroom/grade that I don’t…