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Digital Leadership

As my class comes to a close we were tasked with doing something all good educators ask from their students... reflect. What made the biggest impression on you? What will you take with you? How will what you have learned impact your life? For me it was professional development. It has been difficult trying to create a lasting Blog that will not only help develop a story about my own experiences, but add to those who wish to follow. Starting my Professional Learning Network has been exciting. I look forward to continuing on this journey and helping others become a member of the greatest collection of resources available... our fellow educators. Here's my PowToon I created to reflect on my impactful class with Lyn Hilt from Cabrini University.

Role Models - Ideas on Becoming “Internet Awesome”

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Role Models. We all have them. Maybe it’s your parents. Maybe it’s a singer or athlete. Maybe it’s your teacher. Whoever it is, you look up to them for one reason or another. Most likely it’s because they have done something you aspire to do yourself. However, for our youngest generations these aspirations will change and with it, possibly their role models. So how can these role models evolve to fit the growing aspirations of the children growing up in a technology heavy world? It’s a question teachers, as role models, continue to ponder.
But is the teacher the only role model? To a student possibly, but who do the teachers lean on when change is needed? Who can they rely to help them become digital leaders for their students when they are swamped with curriculum changes, differentiating the needs of every child and various activities and meetings? Administrators need to be role models to demonstrate the evolution of pedagogy through digi…

Change - Technology Integration Frameworks

Change. When educational reform happens, teachers give up a great deal. Comfort. Time. Energy. These attributes contribute in the resistance to change. Yet when we remember why we entered this profession it's salient to move forward with the notion of what our students can gain from the change.

So, I'll leave it to some students to explain how the first framework (SAMR) is helping teachers grasp the changing educational world.

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What Frameworks can Administrators Implement? The SAMR framework is an excellent concept to help educators understand how integrating technology into their pedagogy can be done. It helps teachers dive into the pool slowly and begin to try out new ways to transform learning.

However, the TPACK frameworks (pictured below) may be more valuable for teachers who feel frustrated, incompetent and behind when it comes to technology. It reminds teachers there is more to the craft than just the newest tools. Pedagogy and content make up ⅔ of the …

Believe - My Educational Brand

This post has two parts. I’ve been on the lookout for what makes a good blog over the past 2 weeks. My colleagues taking a graduate course with me have been an excellent example (blogs listed in the reference). Others are mentioned below. First I’ll discuss features I’ve noticed in others blogs that I want to incorporate moving forward and how they can impact a school’s story. The second part is about me and how I’m partnering my ideology and relevant technology to “promote my brand”. I know, it sounds egocentric right? It’s anything but.

Part I: The Takeaways

The more I see others Professional Learning Networks (PLN) the more daunting the task seems to grow one. I hope one day I can look back at this beginning and realize how far I have come. One article that attracted me to Tom Murray’s website was on PLNs. I was drawn to the vast ways in which Tom is connected socially. It is evident across his site. Embedding these resources throughout in unique and visual ways helps the viewer to …